....Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,

The hills of the Highlands for ever I love....


Robert Burns

  • The shores of the Scottish Highlands have long been famed for their crisp clear waters containing the very best of Salmon.

  • Here at Highland we understand and honour that legacy of quality, enhancing the best of raw materials to satisfy the most demanding of palate.

About US

  • We have been making smoked salmon here for over 30 years and the business is in to its second generation. Being the largest privately owned Smokehouse in Scotland, we take salmon very seriously. All successful businesses have top-notch management teams which extend across the breadth of the business. Through Finance to Sales, Logistics to Engineering, Production and Quality Control, we are proud to work with true professionals who have a vast depth of knowledge and experience in their roles.


  • Freshness is everything. Our guiding principle at Highland is that food safety, quality and flavour come first. That means the very freshest ingredients prepared to order, processed and packed under the tightest of controls, in the cleanest and safest possible environment.


  • Customers are our Number One priority. They can be assured of buying the finest products, produced from the best salmon, using the most skilful production techniques, and be in receipt of the most attentive customer care..


  • Supplying globally from Mexico to Singapore in all market sectors from retail to manufacturing. Be it by land, air or sea, wherever you are, whoever you are, we can deliver. Processing over 3000 tons of salmon a year, we are a local business with true global reach.

Smoked Salmon, Asparagus and Poached Egg


Food Safety is at the core of our business. We are BRC Grade AA accredited, maintaining the highest auditing standard possible since first seeking BRC approval. Not only that, this year we achieved 10 years with ZERO NC's. We pride ourselves on setting standards few, if any, can achieve in this regard. 


We act responsibly and ethically in our business and in accordance with, ‘The Ethical Trading Initiative.’ We are Members of Sedex.


We have created a   Resource Centre     which holds data on FAQ's which you may find useful.

RSPCA Chain Of Custody





We do everything we can to operate in a manner so as to protect and minimise damage to the environment. This is achieved through recycling of waste products such as packaging; the use of packaging that is suitable for recycling after use and so far as reasonably practical the minimisation of the quantity of packaging used around products produced. 

We are commited to a policy of optimisation of utility usage (water and electricity) to minimise the waste of these resources. This is achieved through the purchase of energy efficient equipment, wherever practical the collection and re-use of water (i.e. the collection of sample water and overflow water for use in cleaning external yard areas. We use movement sensors to switch off lighting when areas are not in use.


We have undertaken a project to replace lighting within the factory with low energy LED lighting panels, replacing the previous fluorescent tube lighting that has drastically reduced the electrical demand. There has been an ongoing programme to install new efficient refrigeration systems in all new and refurbished temperature controlled areas.


Our fresh fish arrive in insulated polystyrene boxes. These are compacted on site and sent to third party manufacturers who recycle them into other products such as plant pots. 

Almost 100% of our waste cardboard is recycled.

Oh, and last but not least, we recycle all our empty cans, glass, plastic food containers and paper from the offices and recreational facilities.

The Management Team

Tim Parsons

Sales Director

Gary Pollock

Head of Operations

Tim Oates

Managing Director

Colin Semple

Finance Director

Simon Home

Head of Technical

Iain Doherty

Chief Engineer

The Sales Team

Lynette Fyfe

Elizabeth Henderson

Jan Ivison

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